2014 Drum Corps Programs (as of 6/19/14)


DCI World Class

  • The Academy - Vanity Fair
  • Blue Devils - Felliniesque
  • Blue Knights - That One Second
  • Blue Stars - Where the Heart Is
  • Bluecoats - Tilt
  • Boston Crusaders - Animal Farm
  • The Cadets - Promise: An American Portrait
  • Carolina Crown - Out of this World
  • Cascades - 
  • The Cavaliers - Immortal
  • The Colts - Dark Side of the Rainbow
  • Crossmen - Alma Gitana – A Gypsy Soul
  • Jersey Surf - Pay it Forward
  • Madison Scouts - (The Music of Stan Kenton
    and Don Ellis)
  • Mandarins - UnbreakABLE: The Human Spirit is Limitless
  • Oregon Crusaders - Nevermore
  • Pacific Crest - No Strings Attached
  • Phantom Regiment - Swan Lake
  • Pioneer - Joy
  • Santa Clara Vanguard - Scheherazade
  • Spirit of Atlanta - Magnolia
  • Troopers - A People’s House

DCI Open Class 

  • Blue Devils B - Noir [nuvo]
  • Blue Devils C -
  • Blue Saints - Summon the Gods
  • City Sound - Big Easy Blues - A Tour of the Mississippi River
  • Coastal Surge - The Southern Saga: Scenes from Charles Towne Harbor
  • Colt Cadets - Crazed
  • Columbians - Star Dust
  • Eruption - Amadeus
  • Genesis - Art of Darkness
  • Gold - The Journey
  • Golden Empire - 
  • Guardians - Terra Nova
  • Impulse -
  • Incognito - <3 - less than love
  • Legends - La Cathédrale
  • Les Stentors - 
  • Louisiana Stars -
  • Music City - Go West
  • Racine Scouts - ‘87
  • Raiders - Seasons of the Earth
  • Spartans - Olympus
  • Thunder - Our Generation
  • Vanguard Cadets - The Road Not Taken
  • Watchmen - Lost Souls
  • 7th Regiment - Nevsky

DCA Open Class

  • Alliance - Doomsday
  • Atlanta CV - Hex
  • Bushwackers - The Resistants
  • Carolina Gold - The Darkest Hour
  • Cadets2 - Our Favorite Things2
  • Connecticut Hurricanes - Always Greener
  • Fusion Core - Dreamscapes
  • Hawthorne Caballeros - Entrapment
  • High Country Brass - Heist Country Brass
  • Kilties - The Gathering: A Call to Our Homeland
  • Minnesota Brass - Super Nova
  • Reading Buccaneers - Break on Through
  • Skyliners - A New Dawn, A New Day
  • Sunrisers - 
  • Windsor Regiment - Introspectus

DCA A Class

  • Centurions - The Journey
  • Cincinnati Tradition - 
  • Govenaires - Pasión
  • Excelsior - On The Way To… [Bruno] Mars: Run Away Baby
  • Shenandoah Sound - Shenandoah Sound’s European Vacation!
  • Sun Devils - In Fire Forged
  • White Sabers - Arabian Nights



Pioneer has 5 immediate baritone spots to fill. This is a great season for pioneer and we would love to have you as a part of our family. If you are interested please go to www.pioneer-corps.org and contact the corps office.



Do YOU live in North Carolina, preferable close to the Raleigh-Durham Triangle?

If so,  now you can join North Carolina’s first SOUNDSPORT group!

Seriously you guys, there is now a SoundSport group opening in Cary, North Carolina (practices in Apex, NC) called the Triangle Brass SoundSport Group. 

How do you get in, you might ask? AUDITION TAPES! 
If you’d like to audition, you must send in an audition tape to soundsport@trianglebrass.org as well as fill out a registration form
The audition tape must consist of you playing an audition piece on the instrument you wish to march, as well as a few physical exercises. Details on the audition tapes and requirements can be found here.

What’s the rehearsal schedule like? 
Starting on June 12th, the Triangle Brass SoundSport Group will meet in Cary or Apex every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evening from 6pm to 9pm unless stated otherwise. 

What if I go out of town for part of the summer? That’s okay! The group is very flexible and the great team of instructors will work with every member of the group with their schedule, missing a few events or practices for traveling is okay!

Does this SoundSport Group preform? Yes! There are three performances currently listed:
- Saturday June 28th with the Triangle Brass Band at the Apex Nature Park.
- Saturday July 19th at an amusement park TBA (All Day)
- July 25th-27th at DCI ATLANTA AND NIGHTBEAT! (you get to watch DCI woohoo!!!!!!!)

Does it cost money? Unfortunately, yes. The entire point of SoundSport is to be cost efficient so it’s as low cost as possible, but here are some price estimations. 
$50 Registration Fees
$200 Travel to Amusement Park/Atlanta/Charlotte
$25 Tickets to DCI Atlanta Regional 

Any questions? Click the link
Need more information? Click the link
Seriously, click the link. 
The link has all the information listed as well as links to the audition music/physical pieces and requirements, exactly what a soundsport group is, who’s involved with running the Triangle Brass SoundSport team, the full schedule, and anything else you may need. 

I highly suggest this program to anyone. I’m very familiar with the staff working to build this program, and they’re great people dedicated to making sure you guys, who love band, have a great time. 

Favorite DCI openers part 1/???: Crossmen 2012, Fragile


If you think instrumental music is stupid you can decrescendo out of my life


The Academy 2014 - March Camp


Spirit of Atlanta 2011


New photos of the Boston uniform! The photos I had previously were poor quality, so it’s nice to update them

$30.00 + shipping